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Democrat for Georgia State House 44

Growing up in Abbeville, South Carolina, along with one sister and three brothers, Willie Mae Oyogoa experienced the meaning of strong family values and Christian faith. Willie Mae witnessed her mother’s struggles and efforts to see her children succeed in life. Through her mother’s example, Willie Mae learned the significance of being honest, hard-working, patient, and maintaining irrefutable integrity. Willie Mae’s mother also taught her the importance of being of service in helping others.

From humble beginnings, Willie Mae completed her undergraduate studies at Georgia State University while working full-time. She knows the financial challenges students face while pursuing a college education and the tremendous debt they carry upon graduation. Willie Mae began her professional career in an entry-level position and advanced through the corporate ranks of a significant Georgia-based company, retiring as a Labor Relations Coordinator in 2012. As a small business owner, Willie Mae has operated a successful home-based travel agency for the past 16 years.

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Georgians Working Together
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Willie Mae will work tirelessly to bring full healthcare coverage to all Georgians. Nobody should have to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills.

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Minimum Wage

Willie Mae will fight for policies that increase wages for Georgia’s working class families and strengthen our middle class.

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Privacy Rights

Willie Mae will introduce legislation giving individuals the right to deny access to and opt-out of the sale of their personal information.

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Voting Rights

Willie Mae will never give up on fighting state voter suppression efforts and safeguarding the fundamental right of all qualified Georgians to cast a vote.

“Georgians Working Together” is not merely a slogan – it’s a promise! I am dedicated to serving you, being focused on your issues, and committed to making a difference for all Georgians.

Willie Mae Oyogoa